Automatic welding machine Hemingstone 1100C5G - Bags

Model 1100C5G
Quantity 1
Product ref. 197
Year. 2007
Machine parameters

5 track welding machine for making bags, pouches, bags and sacks and bags calendar type (with perforation to the tear-off) from a wide role with the formation of bookmarks.
 Year: 2007
Brand: Hemingstone Model: 1100C5G
 SPECIFICATIONS: 1100C5G Model HM-1100C5G No. of Tracks (Max. 5 Film Unwind Width (Max.) (mm) 1600 Film Diameter (Max.) (mm) 1000 1000 Bag Size (mm) Width (each line) (min.) 100 Length 250 ~ 700 Production Speed ​​( cycles / min) 200 Thickness of Film (total) (mm) HD: 0.01 ~ 0.03 LD: 0.02 ~ 0.05 Cycles Film Line Speed ​​(m / min) 90 Power Required (kW) 15 Machine Dimensions L (m) 11 W (m ) 2.29 H (m) 2.2 Machine Weight (kg) 3500 Air Compressor (not included) (hp) 7.5 Remakes With side gusset device LINK BELOW TO PRESENTATION ON THE SITE MACHINE MANUFACTURER: -1.htm HAVE TO THIS MACHINE THAT CAN EXTRUDER joined in SET. DETAILS Extruder: SNAIL 55MM pick rolls 1200mm offer many other devices such as film processing machines bags, sacks, bags and lines for the film.

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