Paper machine (from infusion to reel)

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Machine parameters

For sale paper machine (from infusion to reel)

working speed 600 m/min

interval produced weights 15-50 g/m2

Working width 2230mm

Yankee diameter - 4000 mm

Width of cylinder 2500mm

flat sieve

Last modernization 2011

Paper machine details:
The headbox - Voith, no. 1916 Size K-3 Inside 2 rectifier reels inside headbx- fi 150 and 120, highpressure oil motor pump for driving of fillgree billets of type P2RHM254 (N=1.5kW, U=380V, p=60ba, n=0-24rpm), the distributor of the paper pulp before the breast-box. The headbox lip connected with 16 regulators of the headbox lip (manual control)
1. The wire end - acid-proof execution.
a. The triple wire: 18 500x2 400, the oscilating high pressure needle shower - pressure 15ba, the fan-shaped sluicing shower 4ba, the manual-pneumatic aggregate of the wire tension, the manual-pneumatic aggregate for wire controlling (with the paddle)
b. The forming board
c. Drainage foils - 3 sets (4+7+5 foils)
d. The wet suction box, connected to the fan of type WPO-14/25LGO (n=48m/s ), the electric motor of type Sg132S2a (N=5.5kW, n=2910rpm, U=380V)
e. Suction boxes, 6 pcs., connected through water separators to the manifold of vacuum pumps WP-30 (1 working + 1 in reserve). The pump disposing water from the water separators of type KFL-6 (h=16m, Q=1000l/min,n=1440rpm). The electric motor of type SIEMENS LA278 (N=7.5kW, n=1450rpm, U=380V)
f. Return rolls, - 4 pcs. fi 300 on two of them cleaning doctors
g. Breast roll, fi 410
h. Wire driving roll, fi 500, drive through gearboxes H-H-180-1-S-4-1 (N=175kW, n=1500 rpm), the motor 2Sg 280 S4-V (N=75kW, n=1485rpm, U=380V), the motor controlled by the inverter (NFC710 - FERDA)
2. The press part
a. The undercylinder blind-drilled press, fi 500 (one spare), the electric motor of type 2Sg 280S4-V CELMA (N=75kW, n=1485rpm, U=380V), the gearbox of type H-H-180-1-S-4-1 (N=175kW, n=1500rpm), the motor

controlled by the inverter (NFC710 – FERDA), connection between the gearbox and the press – Cardan shaft
b. Felt rollers, 12 pcs., fi 260
c. The felt with dimensions 23 00x2 500, grammage 1 050-1 100g/m2, oscilating high pressure needle shower- pressure 15ba; the lubricating shower before the uhle box ,wet section box, the pneumatic aggregate with wire guiding felt system.
d. 4 uhle box ,wet section box in the press part + pick-up uhle box ,wet section box, connected to the vacuum pump WP-60
3. The drying section
a. The Yankee dryer
- fi 4 000x2 520, pressure in the cylinder 2,8ba; metalised 2009 and in good condition (the Jeger's opinion)
- the steam yankee hood,
- the drive through gearboxes of type CUMPAKT TGA 3315H1Z-RAN-E „KUMERA”(N=265kW, n=1500rpm)
- The oil station (of the central lubrication) of type U-95-48/03P (N = 0.75 kW; U = 220V)
- the lubricating and cooling system of type PL12L08FWE NEMA
- the electrical drive of type 2Sg315M4 (N= 132kW, n=1482rpm, U=380V), the motor controlled by the inverter (NFC710 - FERDA)

2 doctors (cleaning and craping)
b. Heat exchangers
c. Fans

--The blower fan of the wet end of type WWOA-63Pz (Q=5.7m3/s, n=19.3rpm), the electric motor of type 200L6B (N=22kW, n=970rpm, U=500V)
-The fume extraction fan from exchangers of type WOO63, the electric motor of type Skg132M2P (N=11kW, n=2920rpm, U=500V)
- The vacuum-blower fan (2 pcs.) from under the dome of the cylinder of type WPPO40 (n=49rpm, temp. max=300 grade of Celsius), the electric motor of type Sg280S2 (N=75kW, n=2975rpm, U=500V)
- The fume exhaust fan from under the cylinder cover on the recuperation (2 pcs.) - the electric motor of type 3Sg160L4 (N=15kW, n=1460rpm, U=500V) and the electric motor of type 3Sg180M4 (N=18.5kW, n=1400rpm, U=500V)
4. The reel-up - water-cooled, fi1 100, the paper width of up to 228cm. The maximum capacity 31 ton per day. The paper weight 16.5 – 46g/m2.
a. The electric motor of type 4Sg180M4 (N=18.5kW, n=1460rpm, U=380V), the gearbox of type BH-H-140-3-S-12-1 „Berfard” (N=33kW, n=1500rpm), controlled by the inverter (NFC710 – FERDA)
b. The lifting arm of the pope reel - the electric motor of type SZJKe 38b (N=1.5kW, n=700rpm, U=500V)
c. The paper carrying roll and the web spreader
5. The vacuum system
a. The vacuum pump WP-30 (2 pcs.), the electric motor of type Sce315S10 (N=55kW, n=589rpm, U=500V)
b. The vacuum pump WP-60, the electric motor of type Sem 400s12b (N=11kW, n=490rpm, U=500V

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